Swift Building Lofts


The Swift Building Lofts have been built according to LEED standards of the US Green Building Council.  They received LEED Platinum certification to become the 3rd LEED Platinum Building in Billings and the 6th in Montana.


Conserving Energy

  • Photovoltaic solar panels mounted on the roof generate electricity
  • Solar hot water panels provide heat for domestic water (drinking, shower, laundry) as well as for the radiant floor heating system
  • Insulation levels exceed energy code
  • Windows are Energy Star labeled
  • Radiant floor more efficiently heats and cools the building
  • All appliances are Energy Star labeled
  • 80% of the lighting fixtures are Energy Star labeled
  • RESULT: the Swift Building Lofts are estimated to use only 45% as much energy as a comparable new building built to the energy code.

Conserving Water

  • A rainwater collection system provides water for toilets
  • Toilets are dual flush
  • Faucets and showerheads are high efficiency WaterSense labeled fixtures
  • The landscape plan uses only drought tolerant plants
  • RESULT: the Swift Building Lofts are estimated to cut potable water use by 33% and landscaping water by more than 50%.

Using Environmentally-Sound Materials

  • Salvaged materials include wood beams, doors, trim, hardwood flooring, and re-lites
  • Recycled-content materials include fly ash concrete floors, glass tile countertops, cabinets, and trim
  • Framing lumber and wood windows are Forest Stewardship Council certified

Using Healthy Materials

  • Zero or low VOC products includes all paints, adhesives, and sealers
  • All materials are free of urea formaldehyde
  • No chemicals are used for interior cleaning or exterior landscaping

Reducing waste

  • The building design left most of the existing walls intact
  • Materials from demolition were reused where possible
  • Concrete, metals and wood scraps were recycled or composted


The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™ is a national standard developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).  LEED is a nationally-recognized benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.  LEED buildings are healthy places for their occupants, energy efficient and cost efficient, and built with sustainable materials in a sustainable way.

Project Certification

LEED certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building project meets the highest green building and performance measures. All certified projects receive a LEED plaque, which is the nationally recognized symbol indicating that a building is environmentally responsible, and a healthy place to live and work.

Why Build Green?

The built environment has a profound impact on our natural environment, economy, health, and productivity. In the United States alone, buildings account for:

  • 72% of electricity consumption
  • 39% of energy use
  • 38% of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
  • 40% of raw materials use
  • 30% of waste output (136 million tons annually)
  • 14% of potable water consumption